Do you want to know what and how many services we offer you?

The number chosen entitles you to rent a toll free number for the selected country and months. Designed by B2YOU, the Numerinternazionali.COM package offers the following added value services.

Services provided free of charge

After-Sales Service

You can contact our technical, administrative and after-sales services directly from your reserved area, keeping track of the outcome.

Configuring the toll free number

You can organise your office by entering the terminations, days of the week and hours of operation. Also available with first level intelligent IVR switchboard.

Block a phone number

You can block undesired geographical area codes and number area codes from which you do not wish to receive calls.

Call details

You can access and export the list of calls received, charged and missed. Including the caller's number, if requested.


You can enter an e-mail address to receive recordings in your mail box and/or to listen them in you control panel.

Voice messages

Included for free:
Wait, Not Available, Voicemail and Announce messages in local language.

Configuring the Call Back service

You can configure the “call back” button and add it to your website.


You can top up when and where you want. In real time 24/7


You can download the logo of your toll-free number and useful docs.