How does the service work?

Do you provided a customer service?

Yes. A team of experts is available to guide you when configuring the control panel (toll-free number, voice messages, virtual IVR) and to solve any administrative or technical requirement. Our customer service may be reached by email ( and by telephone (800.090.222 key 2)

Do you sell international toll-free numbers?

No, B2YOU sells local toll-free numbers for more than 20 European contries.
A local toll-free number offers the advantage of being immediately recognised by the residents of that nation (e.g. Spanish toll-free numbers start with 900, French ones with 0800, etc.).

How does a toll-free number work?

A toll-free number is a virtual number and therefore must have an underlying geographical number (mobile or landline), which continues to receive direct calls too. To activate a toll-free number, you do not need to install a new phone line or devote an exclusive one to it.

Should I devote a phone line exclusively to my toll-free number?

Do I need to install a new phone line to activate a toll-free number?

Can I call from my toll-free number?

No, the toll-free number is only for receiving calls.

How does a toll-free number with a top-up payment plan work?

A toll-free number with a top-up payment plan works just like a traditional one, but has the advantages of a top-up payment plan. After activating and topping-up your toll-free number for the first time, you can receive calls until the top-up, in the year in question, is used up, after which you can request a new top-up.

How do I know I am receiving a call on my toll-free number?

You can activate the free message "call from numero verde" available in your control panel

Can I see the number of the person calling?

Yes, you can ask our customer service to enable Caller ID free of charge. However, you will never be able to see “Caller Unknown“ numbers.

Can I receive calls to my toll-free number while I'm abroad?

Yes, you can receive calls on a landline number of one our listed countries, on an international mobile phone or on an Italian mobile phone abroad. In the latter case, Italian rates apply plus the international roaming charges applied by the payment plan of your mobile operator. You can independently route your toll-free number to an international number for all countries listed in the Foreign Rates page

Can I receive foreign calls to my toll-free number?

No, toll-free numbers may only be called by residents in the country. E.g. an Italian toll-free number can only by called by Italian numbers.

Can I block incoming calls?

Yes, you can block anonymous numbers, certain prefixes and unwanted numbers directly from the Control Panel.

Is the toll-free number active as soon as you supply it?

No. The toll-free number is active after you have taken steps to configure it.
B2YOU must have received payment and sent you an email with your credentials (username and password) to access the Reserved Area. At this point, the number needs to be configured, i.e. you need to enter the times and days you wish the number to be active and the telephone numbers that will answer the incoming calls.

Need help?
Email us at or call the toll-free number 800 090 222