Common-use terms

What is routing?

Routing is a set of rules for the operation of the toll-free number at specific times and dates. You set the routes when you set up your toll-free number in the online Control Panel. Routing, for example, tells me which mobile or landline number must answer toll-free calls received on Monday from 9:00 to 12:00. Routing also determines whether on-hold music is played while the line is busy and whether the call goes through to voicemail if not answered. Another routing provides the same operational information, but this time, say, from 12:00 to 16:00.

What is the termination?

The "termination" is the number that receives the call (the receiving operator).

What is the receipt of the call?

Each call can be separated into two parts: receipt and termination. Receipt is the call from the caller to the telephone operator, while termination is when the call goes from the telephone operator to the receiver.

What is roaming?

This procedure allows you to connect to the network of a telephone operator other than your own in order to continue using the telephone service. If your Italian telephone operator is TIM, if you travel to Switzerland where TIM does not have its own network, to call Italy, you have to connect to a local telephone network in Switzerland, for example Orange. This network is connected to the TIM network in Italy. To use the Orange network, you will be charged a fee (known as a "roaming charge"), the extent of which depends on the agreements between TIM and Orange.

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