How do I manage my toll-free numbers?

What is the Control Panel? What is the Reserved Area?

The Control Panel is an application, accessed from the Reserved Area, that allows you to manage your toll-free number independently and directly online. Configuration changes take effect in real time.

How can I check my toll-free phone credit?

You can check your toll-free phone credit at any time from the Reserved Area.

Can I check the details of incoming calls received?

Yes, you can check the details of incoming toll-free calls at any time from the Reserved Area.

How do I know if my toll-free credit is about to run out?

You can independently check your toll-free credit from the Control Panel/Reserved Area. Moreover, before your credit runs out we'll send you an email so as to give to time to top up. Check incoming email from

Are invoices issued for all payments?

Yes, invoices are issued and emailed to you for all payments.

My credit has run out and I haven't topped up: am I still entitled to the toll-free number?

The toll-free number depends on its Expiration date, not on its Balance. If the number is expired you can no longer use it, otherwise you just need to do a Top up in order to receive calls

Can I renew the number after its expiration date?

No, the toll-free number must be renewed at least 24 hours befor its expiration. The payment must be done through PayPal using a credit card or as a registered user.

How can I top up my toll-free number?

From the Reserved Area, Control Panel.

How fast is the top up made available?

Topped up credit is instantly available. You have to paid electronically through PayPal.

How many times can I reconfigure my toll-free number?

You can reconfigure your toll-free number (days, hours, termination numbers) as often as you like at no extra cost.

How long does it take for the reconfiguration of my toll-free number to take effect?

Changes are immediate.

Where is the Control Panel?

Click on Reserved Area in the top right hand section of all the website pages.

Is the number I provided when buying the toll-free number the one I must use to answer incoming toll-free calls?

Not necessarily. The number provided for the purchase order is only used for communications. You can enter the number you wish to use to answer incoming toll-free calls from the Control Panel when you set up you toll-free number.

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